Sunday, 24 November 2013

Beautiful Beads!

Hello everyone! Robin back to talk about some of Meghan's beautiful beadwork! Again, we had a jewelry party back on the 9th, so some of the pieces featured in these photos may not be available anymore, but if you see anything you can't live without, drop an email to and you may just be able to have it set aside! Our next show is Ottawa Pop Expo on December 7th and 8th  at the Ernst and Young Centre near the Ottawa International Airport - come see us at booth 2117!

First up we have some awesome examples of peyote stitch! Peyote is an off-loom bead weaving technique done with needle, thread, and WAY more patience than I have at my disposal. Luckily, Meghan has a passion for it, as the result is always beautiful, and by varying the beads just a little, so many different and awesome designs can be made. The thickness of these bracelets make them a strong statement for your wrist, but most are made with very small beads, which makes them very light! Oh, and I know these fantastic bracelets are already featured in the cover photo above, but here's a closer look! On the top we have a lovely two-tone brown bracelet with a diamond pattern. Next, by adding drop shaped beads here and there in the pattern, the impression of "bubbles" are added all over this gorgeous silver bracelet. Speaking of gorgeous silver bracelets, the next piece down varies between different sizes of beads to make a fabulous accordion pattern! Next up, this beautiful turquoise piece uses metallic beads to contrast against matte for a unique pattern, and finally, two different shades of beads come together in a diagonal pattern in this lovely bracelet! The perfect accent for any ensemble!

Another way to work beads into your accessories is with kumihimo! Meghan is a master of kumihimo, and has put together SO many different necklaces using the a wide variety of techniques to achieve different shapes, textures, and styles! Bear with me, because there are a LOT of them, a few of which you may have seen on here before, but I went a little crazy with the photoshoot! Top to bottom, we have a charming white fresh water pearl creation with a mother of pearl focal, followed by a beautiful beach inspired necklace with turquoise seed beads and small sea shells - makes you think of sandy tropical beaches! Next up, two kinds of clear beads, one lined with pink, are paired for a light, feminine piece.  The following necklace uses a fantastic technique called inverse kumihimo, where the superlon which is normally hidden inside the beads is actually on the outside, adding to the texture of the piece! In this one, tan superlon is used with brown crystals, and larger crystals were used in the center for a focal! Here's where things get REALLY awesome! This fun and funky piece uses an extra kumihimo braid to add a spiral around another kumihimo core for a super unique look. Next, although there are no beads in it, fun, fuzzy cord is used to add some fluff to the cord, and a large bail suspends a bold focal in the middle! Finally, an awesome DNA inspired piece with silk cord and black and white beads for the science enthusiast in your life!

Yes, there ARE more! Starting from the top again a beautiful two-tone black creation with little scale beads, a pretty dark and light blue crystal necklace, perfect to pair with your favourite jeans! Next up, small sea shells and furry cord are combined for a new and different texture. The stunning turquoise and purple glass pearl necklace features two three different sizes of pearl for a crescendo in size, and unfortunately sold at our last party! The next uses two different sizes of hematite discs for a unique shape, followed by a green pearl and snowflake obsidian piece with ball chain adornment. Speaking of semi-precious stones, the second last is a gorgeous polished stone piece with a stunning focal, and the last is a fun and funky pink stone and hematite creation with a large focal!

One technique, SO MANY possible variations! You'll have to come see us at Pop Expo to see what else she's come up with since this shoot! Oh, and to keep up with Meghan's new work on a weekly basis, check out her Facebook page at! Until next time!

Wednesday, 6 November 2013

Mixed Metal Beauty!

Hello again world! Robin back to shed some light on Meghan's jewellery box and showcase some of the awesome stuff she has been working on over the last little while (and squeeze in a little of my work too! I swear I'll have my own jewellery page sooner or later)! Now unfortunately Meghan was at a Christmas craft show this past weekend and some of the pieces being showcased here may have already been sold, but if you seen anything that you just MUST HAVE and are planning on hitting any upcoming shows, if you send an email to, she can put a piece aside, or whip up a custom piece to replace one that has already been claimed! Same goes for any of my work, but you'll need to email me instead at!

Today we're talking mixed metal! In the last few years, partly due to the rising popularity of steampunk, mixing metals together to make fun and unique pieces has become super popular, and makes perfect chic jewelry to accent just about any look!

Beautiful Steampunk Work!Steamy jewelry has always been one of Meghan's favourite areas to play around with. Mixing found elements, filigree pieces, clock and watch components, and countless little gears creates amazing pieces perfect to accent your favourite steampunk ensemble, or for every day wear!

Check out these beauties! The gem of the collection in obviously the amazing gear-and-filigree-butterfly bib which takes most of the lower half of the image, made entirely of metal pieces riveted together for a stunning statement piece. If dainty is more your style, the sweet filigree butterfly necklace might be perfect! Watch faces, filigree and clock hands come together to make memorable pendants, and can't you just picture that beautiful filigree and chain pendant on the bottom on a nice leather choker?  Finally, filigree, gears and watch hands are perfect for a pair of earrings!

Speaking of steampunk, we're going to be trying to put together Meghan's first ever steampunk outfit for Ottawa Pop Expo on December 7th and 8th, where you'll be able to find the two of us at our very own table! Stop by to see how it turns out!
One of Robin's steamy creations

Oh, and Meghan isn't the only one who likes working on steampunk, I've been brushing up on my wire wrapping to work on pretty pieces like this earring and pendant with watch gears, garnet beads, amethyst beads and copper beads!

Mixed metalwork pieces!
Another exciting addition to Meghan's skill set over the last little while is metal work crafting, hammering, stamping, and playing with metal from sheets and shapes to make fun and funky pieces!

Top to bottom, left to right we have a set of awesome umbrella earrings featuring crystals the raindrops, a sweet "free bird" pendant, pretty copper and silver concave circle earrings, some wired copper and silver squares, a pretty dogtag stamped with love, a spoon hammered flat and with a clock face and hands added to make a unique pendant, and a beautiful pendant with waves of different metal coming together to make a sweet and nautical focal piece!

The creative possibilities are endless when combining different metals to create fun focal pieces for any outfit! Next time we'll be back to beading with  some awesome kumihimo and peyote stitch pieces!

Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Back in Action!

Hello readers! I'm Robin, Meghan's  friend, beading buddy, and time-to-time partner-in-crime! Meghan has admitted that she's hopeless at keeping up with her blog, and seeing as it's getting close to Christmas time and there a LOT of exciting shows coming up, I offered to step in and work to bring everything up to speed, and share some of what we've been working on!

Both of us have been crafting up a storm for the oncoming shows, but lets take a look first at what Meghan's been spending the most time on - Chainmaille! The best thing about chainmaille is how diverse the possible designs are, a bag of rings can become just about anything from a bracelet to a watch band! Check out some of her most recent work!

Check out these beautiful necklaces! Different sizes and gauges of rings are combined to make various shapes, angles, textures and focal designs. From sweet and dainty weaves to bigger bib-style necklaces, anything is possible! Top to bottom we have a byzantine bouquet, a lovely silver and gold piece with a triangular focal weave, a fun mixed metal necklace with byzantine and helmsweave elements, an awesome reversible copper and silver necklace, a fun and funky gunmetal piece, and a sweet silver and copper necklace! No two the same, and a little something for every taste.

Next, let's take a look at some bracelets! Glass "donut" beads can be added to chainmaille weaves to add some colour and fun, like in the first, second and last of these beauties. We also have three different byzantine bracelets, the weave is the same, but the colour combination makes each of these bracelets unique. The third bracelet pairs silver and copper rings in a fun zig-zag pattern, and finally, the fifth showcases a fun, floral weave in silver and gunmetal!

Finally, chainmaille is so versatile that not only can it be made into armour, but it can also be used to make stylish accessories for the modern man - check out Meghan's awesome chainmaille ties! The use of aluminum rings in these unique ties makes them so light you barely notice they're there, and they make a fun conversation piece - who needs silk?

There are many more amazing, fun, funky, sleek, and stylish chainmaille pieces in Meghan's collection, and quite a few in mine as well! That said, there is also SO much more, stay tuned for another peek into the collection!