Monday, 9 January 2012


Over the holiday I experimented with some new chainmaille weaves:
This one has many names, wedding knot, helms weave,
parallel chain... but I just think it's pretty in black and gold!

This dainty one is called camelot, there are 26 rings per flower! 

This is the full persian weave in antique copper.

This is the wedding knot chain again, in black and silver and slightly larger rings.

Variations of the Japanese 6 in 1 weave, in black silver and gold.

This bracelet has scherzo weve (silver knots) with blue hematite crystals. 

This is known as bird in a cage, or pearl in a cage. 

This flat weave is called 6 in 1, or mermaid, and I used antique copper and black.  

This is full persian again, in black and silver, with black crystals.

And I made a nice long chain out of all of my random extra rings!

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