Monday, 10 November 2014

Bead Challenge Winner!

Every spring, four Ottawa bead stores join together to host a fantastic event they call Bead Bop. Customers tour the four stores and are treated to sales, demos, and other exciting things. The 2014 Bead Bop also added a bead challenge option, where the participants purchased a package of beads and had to use all of them in a creation. The submissions were voted on at the October Glass Bead Show by the attending public, and my necklace won! 

Here are the beads: 

And here is what I made!

I used the soutache technique to sew colourful flat cords together around beads, and added some other fun accents. It even has a metal-free clasp! 

The other beautiful submissions can be seen on the bead bop website: 

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