Monday, 10 November 2014

Owl Mania

Owls are just so trendy lately! And why not? They're wise, beautiful creatures, and their shape is so workable in art! Here are my owl creations: 

Tied up with string - that's right, macrame is back! In colourful small pendants on a satin cord with crystal eyes, who would know that the same knots once held your grandmother's planters? 

This beauty is made with tiny seed beads sewn together. He sits on a branch with winter-themed flowers.

A second version of the owl has to be in steampunk fashion of course! This one sits on a clock hand for a branch, has gears around his eyes, and holds a cluster of keys.

Last, but not least, a swarovski owl. He has three brilliant crystals captured by tiny seed beads. 

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